Stars Upon the Seas
© 2005 Eric C. Lind


I have already gladly discovered
That the love I've gladly uncovered
Is welcome to me every morning
with greatest steadfast needed mooring.

It anchors me with convictions
I thought I were not able to diction,
But let the hurricane lamps be alight
'long the islands of hope through the night.

And the fires individually
Are but tiny dots long the sea,
But each hope that carries a flame
And so carries great promise in name.

Ten thousand islands there are,
Each with a flame like a star.
Each mimic the blanketed sky;
Little points down below from on high

Cast reflections upon the rough seas
With your love so anchored to me.
And the first of these names is desire:
The principal kindling fire.

But recall on difficult times
That Love is the last in the line,
And without it all other flames die,
Including those lights in the sky.

But the bridge of these flames is apparent
Where love is the principal parent,
And no sea could wash them asunder
And this is the eighth world wonder.

For you see when a hurricane calls,
Gale winds, tornados, and all,
You'll find the hurricane lamps
Ablaze in the haze of the damp.

And for you my dear love, on the sea,
Your love is anchored by me.
Let what comes weather me through,
In this bay I've constructed for you.

But know that if one drop of rain
Even threatens to harming your mane
That I'll call to those magical flames
To burn the seas dry in love's name.


And the flames abroad in the sky

Will tear the black clouds till they’re dry,

Rending them harmless and small

That upon you not one drop will fall.



But the thunder you hear in the sky

Are the workings of my loving eyes,

Turning the storm to white clouds,

That the moon may appear through the shroud.


And in the morning you’ll most definitely find,

That your moorings are perfectly fine.

And I’ll pray to those Gods every morning,

That my love always acts as your mooring.


And each island of hope will remain

Each one carrying their flame,

Though small each may be in their name,

That my love is this powerful flame.